At Vgnbites, our number one goal is to make healthy cooking easy! From fresh and easy recipes to ingredient guides and simple tutorials, it’s all here — all the tools, tips, tricks and techniques you need to get a great-tasting, good-for-you meal on the table every night. If you’re feeling drained by dinnertime decisions, you’ve come to the right place.

  • We’ll inspire you with delicious, healthy recipes.
  • We’ll guide you through essential cooking tutorials.
  • We’ll entertain you with cooking videos that bring you into our kitchen.
  • We’ll make you enjoy making 100% Plant Based dishes that everyone will love!
Vgnbites Food creator Yasmin

About Me!

I’ll tell you a secret, I hated cooking when I was a kid and growing up seeing my Mom cooking and preparing amazing meals that I miss so much today, did not wake up in me the desire for cooking back then. Before moving to Italy I worked as a Lawyer. Why should I cook when I was spoiled by a mother who was a greatcook and takeaways were easier choice for me? Then when I moved in with my boyfriend back then, my husband today, I had a lot of nothing to do time, cause I was in new country, new city and quitted my previous job, so what should I do besides trying to learn the Italian kitchen and making experiments with foods.

I still remember my first time when I wanted to prepare Pasta with Pesto as a romantic surprise dinner to Alessio, it was a disaster , but believe that disasters made me insist to learn how to improve my skills next time.

Gradually I found my self falling in love with food creation, feeling satisfactions when I hear others giving me compliments for my food and watching them enjoy my dishes.

Then my plant based journey started, trying as a vegetarian at first then converting to full time plant based kitchen. Food can make wonders and personally I believe that people should thrive and live in symbios with the modern society, causing minimal harm to animals and nature.

My ambition is to make vegan cooking as easy as possible so people can improve their health and the world and recipes that really taste good !


My studio and the center of my work is my home… you’ll find me in my in the kitchen behind my camera…testing new recipes that matches the season and the available ingredients .

My Kitchen is 100% green and plastic free!

For now, I make all the work by my own behind my blog and food tutorials you see on Vgnbites.

So you’ll find me running between blogging, shooting new videos for my blog & clients and still with no time to breath trying to make my best as a mom, running ti bring Matteo from the kindergarten and Liraz from school!

I studied Videography for food, and also graduated from Food Photography Milan School in addition of being certificated VEGAN CHEF

I also host Plant Based Cooking workshops in my kitchen and online , Video making online workshops, and Photography , in addition to service for Brands.

So if you are interested in collaborating with me, you can reach me out HERE or sending me email.

Click HERE to see some of my work

If you are interested in working with me, please visit Contact Page

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