Mouth-watering food photography

Bringing food to life, whether it is on screen or in print, is what Yasmin has been excelling in for a number of years. Her eye-catching food photography can help elevate any campaign above the competition; using perfectly honed techniques and the very latest technology at her disposal.

Attention-grabbing food video production

Telling a story that grabs your audience’s attention is pivotal to the success of any food brand. Not only do consumers devour hours of vide content online, but digital platforms crave it; making it perfect for engaging social channels, boosting SEO and gaining your market share. Check out just some of my video content on Instagram.

Recipe development that inspires

Designing recipes that complement the product you are taking to market is the perfect way to intrigue your potential customers. As a nutritionist and chef, Yasmin can work with you to cook up delicious and healthy meals that look just as good as they taste, all while effectively promoting your brand.

Thrusting you into the media spotlight

Getting your brand noticed by securing media exposure has to be done right. Yasmin takes pride in being an ambassador for some fantastic brands (Sambazon, Coconut Bowls, Iswari, Your Super Foods, Acai Ti Amo) with an emphasis on delivering easy-to-digest information. Let her add weight to your brand whether it’s on TV, radio, online on in person. She can offer:

  • Food photography and video production
  • Freelance writing and sponsored blogs
  • Targeted social media campaigns
  • Speakerships and lectures
  • Cooking classes and demonstrations
  • Trade shows and event attendance

Get in touch to discuss how best to collaborate with Yasmin today.

Please email at for my media kit or further inquiries about working together. I look forward to the opportunity to work you and create a long lasting relationship!


Collaborating with Yasmin

Yasmin is an experienced food photographer and videographer, who can help deliver your foodie message with engaging multimedia content that will resonate with your audience. She is trusted by some of the biggest names in the food industry to represent and portray their brand globally. Here’s just some of the ways Yasmin can help:

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