Worthy New Adobe Lightroom 5 Food Photography Presets FAQ full guide

What is a Lightroom preset?

A Worthy New Adobe Lightroom 5 Food Photography Presets FAQ full guide. Lightroom Preset is a pre-determined position some (or all) of the of sliders in Lightroom (as in they are pre-set!). Lightroom presets can help you create a cohesive look & feel to your images, with the click of a button.

How do I receive the presets?

This food presets lightroom once purchased the presets will be sent to your email for download, as well as be downloadable through the popup from where you purchase.

I purchased the presets but I haven’t received anything in my email. What can I do?

Your email was most likely entered incorrectly. If this occurs please e-mail vgnbites@gmail.com to sort out the issue.

Can I use these presets on JPEG images from my phone or camera? 

You can use these presets with both JPEG and RAW images. Though I always recommend using RAW images for best results.

I applied the presets but some colours look off, why? 

Not every preset will look good on every single photo. Some will look better on bright images, others will look better on and dark & moody images. Additionally, the presets do not set the colour balance and exposure. If your image looks a little blue or a little yellow, you may just need to adjust the temperature of the image. If the photo looks a little green or pink,  you may need to adjust the tint of the image.

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